Marsing, Idaho Foodservice Staff

Marsing, Idaho Foodservice Staff

Thanks to funding from a USDA Team Nutrition Training Grant, Idaho State Department of Education, Child Nutrition Programs (SDE CNP) developed multiple resources promoting breakfast, including the Chef Designed School Breakfast Cookbook, Breakfast Offer Versus Serve Training Guide, What’s for Breakfast! Poster, and How Healthy is Your School? Resource and Assessment Manual.  These breakfast resources are available on Idaho’s SDE CNP’s website.

Chef Designed School Breakfast

This cookbook was designed to promote the importance of the breakfast meal, provide information on alternate serving style options, offer recipes that appeal to students’ tastes and meet the National School Breakfast (SBP) Meal Pattern (implemented July 1, 2013) for Grades K-12, and encourages cost control requirements by utilizing USDA Foods.  It contains 11 recipes designed by a chef/dietitian and tested by Marsing School District foodservice staff and students to ensure success.

The Chef Designed School Breakfast book was introduced during workshops attended by 157 foodservice employees throughout the state. These workshops provided hands-on cooking experiences to train employees on how to prepare the recipes. Attendees were also trained on how to market the recipes, follow standardized recipes, practice mise en place (everything in its place), and how to accurately measure dry ingredients. These training topics can be found in the Chef Designed School Breakfast book which also includes detailed information on the value of the breakfast meal on academic achievement and the utilization of alternative serving styles to increase convenience and participation.

Breakfast Offer Versus Serve Training Guide

This training guide assists foodservice directors and managers in facilitating a small group training presentation for their employees on proper implementation of Offer versus Serve (OVS) during the breakfast meal. The front of this two-sided, table-top guide is for the trainees to view, while the back includes a script and reminder notes to help promote an effective training. An optional PowerPoint version was made available to use for larger training groups. This guide includes an overview of OVS, requirements for implementation at breakfast, instructions for counting food items, student tray scenarios, and information on how to effectively communicate a reimbursable meal through required signage.

What’s For Breakfast! Poster

Federal regulations require that schools identify, near or at the beginning of the serving line(s), the food items that constitute a reimbursable meal. The Idaho’s What’s For Breakfast! Poster was developed as a way to consistently communicate what a reimbursable breakfast includes based on daily menu options.

How Healthy is Your School? Resource and Assessment Manual

This manual provides online resources to assist in planning, implementation, and assessment needs for determining school health.  It includes five inter-related areas to bring about a healthier, happier, and more productive student, classroom, school, and community.  These areas are: Smarter Lunchrooms Movement, School Breakfast Program, Smart Snacks in School, School Wellness, and HUSSC:SL. The School Breakfast Program portion of the manual includes information on the proven benefits of breakfast, links to online resources, and a self-assessment to assist in evaluation of a successful program.

To learn more about Idaho’s Child Nutrition Program materials, visit our website.