The goal of this activity is to allow children to sample varieties of parfaits while discussing the benefits of a nutritious breakfast. The focus is on the components of the parfaits; whole grains, fruit, and low-fat yogurt.

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Good Starts: Crunch Yogurt Parfaits Tasting Table
Assemble samples in batches and place on a platter on the table. Hand to the students as they come up to the table. Make up batches from the following ingredients: Bowls of the following cut fruits: If you have appropriate commodity fruit available, be sure to use for your sample table!
Recipe Notes

How the Table Works

  • Set up a sample table in a predominant location in the cafeteria or dining room where there is plenty of space.
  • Offer a small sample of the assorted parfaits using portion cups. Have half a dozen or so ready- made parfaits made up in advance using clear parfait cups with dome lids, per the suggested recipes.
  • Order clear plastic parfait cups to serve. You should source 9 ounce clear cup and parfait lids.
  • The chef, along with associates who are assisting, can offer students one or two samples.

How to Set up the Display Table

  • Create a POS sign that is titled Good Starts…Crunch Parfaits! and list your parfait varieties on the sign. Utilize product identifiers to identify the sample parfait cups on your table.
  • Cover your sample table with a plain white tablecloth
  • Dress up the table by displaying fresh fruit in stainless steel or white bowls
  • Attractively display the ingredients along with the other items per the sample layout
  • Have necessary serving utensils, plates, napkins, and a covered trash can available
  • Chef and associates who are assisting can simply discuss the recipe ingredients and how they prepared the parfaits, as well as discussing the importance of a nutritious breakfast
  • Be mindful of food safety: keep cold food cold, keep the area clean and sanitary, and assure that the associates who are preparing and serving samples are wearing gloves and hair restraints.
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